Author Topic: G3 Compatability  (Read 10879 times)


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    August 17, 2010, 10:32:14 pm

Is the Tieline G3 compatible with the Bridge IT and/or Comrex Access?


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    August 18, 2010, 10:57:31 am

Hi and welcome to Tielines Forum

I assume your question refers to the Comrex Access rack unit codec and IP connectivity. The answer is yes and all Tieline G3 codecs can connect to Comrex Access rack mount codecs over both POTS and IP using G.711 or G.722. To connect over IP your Access Rack unit codec requires software version 2.7-p5. If you have a Tieline IP codec and wish to perform testing, I can send you instructions about how to connect between the Access and Tieline units over both POTS and IP.

Tieline’s new low-cost Bridge-IT IP codec will also be compatible with Comrex Access codecs with SIP compatibility to EBU specifications for AAC and AAC-HE algorithms and this feature is likely to be implemented around September this year.

If you currently do not have Tieline units and wish to perform testing please contact our US office on the details below:

Tieline Technology USA | 7202 E. 87th Street, Suite #116, Indianapolis, IN 46256

   Tel     +1 (317) 845-8000 – or  toll-free (888) 211-6989, ext. 111

   Fax    +1-317-913-6915


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