Author Topic: Bridge-IT connected to other Codec Equipment  (Read 202 times)


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    May 25, 2018, 06:45:59 pm

Hello Good Afternoon,

I have a question about my Bridge-IT:

How to make a connection to another codec (Prodys Prontonet) Or Comrex Acces Rack. What is the best way to do this on ip?

I have made a connection and in the remote control software of Bridge -IT
it is connected to the other codec (visual) if my college is watching on the 2  codecs there is no connection. I have a message every 37 seconds that says: Audio loss detected

Can you help me, to explain how I make a good connection to another Ip codec.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Frank Smit
Smit Audio Engineering

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    May 28, 2018, 08:34:36 am

Hi Frank,

We have an interoperability document you can download at which explains how to set up IP connections between Tieline G5 codecs and a Prodys Prontonet, or Comrex Access rack codecs using SIP. Given there are numerous variables when making a connection, such as algorithm, bit rate, type of IP network being used etc., if you have any issues it would be best to email This will allow us to provide detailed support for making these types of connections.

Hope that assists.




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